Setting New Standards

"We can't beat climate change by accepting the status quo. We need to drive new standards by surpassing current best practices. NWIW is voluntarily offsetting 100% of project related in state greenhouse gas emissions and is displacing even more emissions globally, using zero liquid discharge technology to safeguard our waters and using ultra-low emissions technology to protect our air," Kent Caputo, Chief Commercial Officer and General Counsel.

  • Mitigation: NWIW is the first company of this scale to propose offsetting 100% of all the greenhouse gas emissions it generates within the state of Washington. This commitment demonstrates a true path forward for how the state of Washington can continue to lead the nation in confronting climate change.

  • Water: The first facility along the Columbia River to invest in Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) technology to eliminate the discharge of all facility process water. This technology recycles and reuses the water used at the facility and eliminates process water discharges to the river and environment completely, eliminating potential impact on the water and aquatic and other life.

  • Air: Air pollutants generated by the plant will be less than the screening level threshold and would not threaten human health and safety, in accordance with Washington state law – This will be the first facility along the Columbia River to utilize Ultra Low Emissions (ULE) technology in the production of methanol and will set the standard for future development.

  • Safety and standards: The Kalama Methanol facility, while not the largest, will be the safest and cleanest in the world.  Redundant safety systems will continually monitor the process for any irregularities and, upon detection, will automatically isolate the condition and ensure a safe operational state while the irregularity is corrected.